Mitchell + Hannah | Wedding

On the Fourth of July I had the incredible opportunity to photograph this sweet couple's very intimate wedding in Akron! Hannah is one of the sweetest brides I have ever had, and the whole time I was photographing her and Mitchell I was constantly reminded why I love photographing weddings. The shear joy and happiness that was showing on their faces as I showed them previews of the shots I was taking completely warmed my heart. I had so much fun with these two, and I wish them an amazing life together!

New DSLR Workshops! August/September

I'm excited to announce two new dates for my DSLR workshops! I've been hearing from so many people this summer asking when I was going to offer more workshops in the future, and here they are. :) Plus, I will be giving away a FREE spot to each date on Instagram! Visit me over on Instagram at to learn how to win.

To register for workshops please visit:

May / June in Instagrams

What an awesome couple of months May and June turned out to be! So much traveling, and so many awesome photoshoots! In the last couple months we've traveled to New York City, Nashville, and Kentucky! Not to mention one wedding we photographed in Dayton,OH! It was a couple months full of adventures, good food, great people, and amazing memories...Check them out for youself through my Instagram photos! If you don' should follow me on Instagram to see more! :)

Chris + Katherine | Engaged

What a busy June it's been! I couldn't be happier with the direction my photogrpahy business is going, and there have been so many instances throughout the month that reminded me why I do what I do. To start off the month I had my first out of state wedding in Tennessee with [Matt and Merritt], followed by a number of engagement and portrait sessions! The month also brought a lot of progress with me designing a more consistant brand. I am beyond excited to launch my brand new website in a couple months, and reveal to my future couples a newer and better wedding experience.

I concluded the run of engagement session in June with Chris and Katherine! We had such an awesome session at the Seiberling Nature Realm in Akron,OH. I don't know what it is about this location, but I seem to find a never ending amount of locations to take photos! I'm pretty sure in the last year I've done four shoots there because it's that pretty. Enjoy their engagement session! I can't wait for their wedding in August!

Happy Monday!

A Letter to my fellow "Newbie"

Hi there!

First, let me welcome you to this amazing industry. An industry that is full of love, and a never ending desire to serve others. An industry where our skills and talents turn special events into tangible memories to be cherished and remembered for generations.

You may be sitting in front of your computer, and as your read, wonder how you’ll fit in with everything. Unsure, you constantly ask yourself, “Do I want to photograph families?…seniors?….weddings”? I’m sure the only thing you are sure of is the fact you LOVE to go out and take photos. You love it so much you dream of making a living from it. You might even have a list of photographers you look up to. You follow their blog, their Instagram, and your Facebook feed is littered with photos they post. Photos that give you inspiration…but at the same time make you ask yourself. “When will I ever be able to shoot like that”. Close your eyes…take a deep breath…and believe one day you will”.

Now you may want to learn SO bad, but you’re paralyzed by fear to reach out to other photographers for help. My advice to you…REACH OUT! I guarantee you that everyone who inspires you to do what you love started out by looking up to someone who inspired them. Don’t be afraid to connect with other photographers. We should all be here to help one another reach our goals and live our dreams. There’s not one person that I look up to who did it by themselves. They were mentored, coached, and given advice from people they looked up to and connected with over time.

It’s not going to be easy…it’s going to take a lot of hard work, determination, and hustle, but as with anything…You can achieve everything you put your mind to. The absolute best thing you can do is ask questions. Join local photography groups where you can make new friends… and look! You already share something in common! You’d be surprised how helpful people are. It all may seem intimidating at first, but over time you’ll realize that a photography community is the best thing you can be a part of.

I’ll leave you with this…love one another. Help those that are struggling with things you’re knowledgeable about. Share your passions with others. Photography is never a competition, and you should never have the “I’ll crush you” mentality. Why expel hate in a business that promotes love? We are all still learning new things everyday despite how far each of us is on our journey. Remember…even the most successful people in the world started off as newbies. You got this. :)


PS...Take a look and compare the first wedding I photographed in 2010 with the last one I shot in 2014. Hopefully that gives you some hope :) If you liked this post please share, and give hope to another!